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Enjoying the Expansiveness of the Apostolic

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Much of facebook is in a rut. a big rut. Apostolic’s speak of two things the end of the world and debate with others regarding he trinity, neither of such are purely defending the faith. There is more to our faith than end times which always takes on a negative tone and the wrongfulness of the trinity. I think about the many things we don’t speak about. Faith, miracles, divine healing, deliverance, the kingdom here and now, dominion, success in life and ministry and a host of other topics that would keep our faith fresh and interesting.
The secret of the early apostles was that they could do just that. Keep their faith fresh and interesting! Signs and wonders accompanied the word and they won cities and nations to the faith. Their faith impacted the lives of countless souls, why we today fail to impact our neighbourhoods let alone cites and nations and we have technology and global access too.
Its not that we are not focused  its more than that. Many are focused on the wrong things, debates on what to wear and what we ought not to wear, women preaching, yes or no! So these guys spin their wheels and wag their tails. For me I say, stick to your mission, winning souls. and when that’s your focus your mind spirit and message will turn accordingly to be an influencer not a debater, a pastor not a self righteous prophet, an influencer not a sole gospel trader, a winner of men not a ostraciser of them
It’s time to turn a corner and do better work
That’s why I blog

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