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The Immutability of GOD

The immutability of God

“I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”—Malachi 3:6

The unchangeable Deity. The God who keeps his promises and abides by his own word constantly and continually. What kind of God would he be if he changed as much as man changes. Man changes his preaching to suit his audience and generation, he loves to be relevant and well received. God however has the same mind, manners and mentality as he did when he approached Noah, Abraham, Jacob and now you and I. His power to perform is the same his ability to deliver is the same, his willingness Tom appear is the same. What he done for Abraham he can do for you. He is no respect or of persons.
Some folks will divide us from those of the faith in the bible, they say our times are different and therefore God is different, so they place us in dispensations saying that the Holy Ghost is here now and Jesus is in heaven. Of course the Holy Ghost is with us, they fail however to see that the Holy Ghost is the spirit of the Lord, he is the Lords presence. Therefore we can say Jesus is here right now And as a right now God he can do for you what he done for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is as much present with you as he was with Enoch, because he is forever God and God is God and he can never change.
The IMMUTABILITY of God is seen in his POWER
The God of Peter and Paul is the God of the Paul. What God done in acts, he can do in Wales, What God done at Pentecost he will do in your meeting with him, we should feel Gods presence in every meeting, we should have Pentecost in every event. We should have tongues of fire and see folks baptised with the self same fire every occasion we meet as a church. Why because God is immutable and God is God and he changes not. what he has done for others he can do for you. That’s our God unchangeable.
NOTE promises good and bad, promises to deliver and promises to scatter, promises to curse and promises to bless, promises to destroy and promises to rebuild. Some folks reject the Old Testament saying God does not curse nations, peoples or individuals any more (Deut 28) they think God is good to everybody including his rejectors and haters. Look again Sir, look again at today’s world with its Corona Virus, America with its constant fires around pagan cities, look again at Indonesia and the God haters who hate the true God. Nonsense it is that tells us God has changed. The believer can rest assured however that his promises are yea and amen. all of them good and bad, but hallelujah In Christ we are candidates of hope. Rest assured our destiny is good, our righteousness is of him, our life is in him. No good thing will he withhold from them that walk up rightly. That’s his promise to us and to that we have hope. Our God is Unchangeable.
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Apostolic Barrier Breakers

Every winner finds a barrier between him and the finish line.  The barrier be it a wall or mountain  exists to present to you the requirement’s for greatness. The requirements have to be discovered, you have to hit a brick wall, you have to get writers block, you have to experience the point of quitting.  Only then can we see what is required of a winner. Its at this point you have to educate yourself with information others know not of, then you can do what others cannot do. You have to discover what separates you from failure and connects you to success.

Jesus was at the finish line, he had to fight a battle no one else could fight and no one else could win, a fist of its kind, no one else had arrived at this point before, no one else could, take on this task, yet he could and the scriptures tells us that “he went one step  further’ matthew 26:39)

Ask yourself what’s my limit today, what’s my brick wall?
What’s my next step?
What steps have I yet to take that have not taken before?
Maybe you’ll have to pray like Jabez, ‘God enlarge my steps!’.

Maybe you have to be enlarged before God enlarges your steps. enlarges to work with folks you would not normally work with. Enlarged to associate and keep company with those of different doctrine yet they too, like you, have a heart after God. It could be that the Lord wants you to set aside your preconceived prejudices to those of other denominations and start touching them with your heart and soul. Peer had to be enlarged before the Lord could use him to be an apostle to the gentiles, what he thought was untouchable and unholy God had to show him that it was he who had to reach them. (Acts 10;28)….the things commanded to him by God (v33). Could it be that our own prejudice is hindering the favor of God on our own lives? Could it be that our own unwillingness to work with brethren outside of your denomination is hindering your greatest day in ministry? God looks for humility and if its not to be found then we ourselves hinder the work of the Lord done first in us. No amount of praying for enlargement can make God promote us unless we first have the humility to obey him. Don’t hinder your prayers! Obey the Lord, not man.

Being brought up as an AOG in UK I have had the privilege of working and ministering in many different denominations preaching revivals and speaking on many topics yet my conviction which i have always made known is my faith in the one true Lord and the apostolic message, I even know some apostolic’s who think this is not possible yet i tell them I have credentials with charismatic and well as apostolic organisations and the Lord has granted me favor for which I’m eternally grateful to cross these walls and do his will.

Every occupation has its barriers. what you know about them separates you from those who trade in mediocrity and those who trade in greatness. Now take that one step more that is required to being yourself salvation and maybe others too. 2022 is dependent on you. If God finds you ready, he will choose you. you’re the candidate for enlargement and engage meant on another level with great men and big nations. There’s so much more for you to do. quit limiting yourself and obey God first

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The place of Compassion in our Ministry

I sat where they sat (Ezekiel 3;15).
EzekieL ‘Strength of GOD’ and strong he was, He went to Tel Abib and sat where the people sat  for seven days in silence. To learn and discover their ways. Before he could preach and warn he had to perfect the Word in him. It is easy for the preacher to say what’s on his mind instantaneously and in quick response, just take a look at Facebook many are quick to right what they see as wrong yet will not take the time to sit and wait in order to understand and connect to those to whom he is sent.
Ezekiel was sit where they sat in order to learn about them what he did not know. Oh how easy it is to be quick to preach too yet slow to consider and show respect or love.  Many shut their eyes yet open wide their lips. Its easier to hurt rather than connect and restore. its easier to defend ones faith than win a soul. they indulge in sever truth telling as if its a medal to display. forgetting that the master on the cross displayed love that won that a world not a sermon. Some never sweaten their medicine, but give out a heavy dose even if it kills their contact. the fact that they said it as it is, qualities them as apostolic or does it?
The Lord dealt kindly with others. He got the woman at the well to ask for the water of life, He did not focus on her adulterous affairs but rather sat where she say and met he need. He won Zachaeus by sitting at his home, His kindness won the lost, his graciousness attracted the hungry. Kindness is greater than cleverness or genius. LOVE bigger than knowledge of scriptures and possessing the title of preacher.
Lets not judge others based on their hair style, or lack of it. Lets not fashion our message or approach based on the fact that others are so unlike us and don’t believe  exactly what we believe. Believing in a truth does not make you more apostolic than me, its love and compassion that reveals your true status, not your collar or pin stripe suite. My bear does not make me less apostolic neither does it make me less holy. in fact the most critical often are the least approachable, because they pride themselves on a dress code but neglect the compassion code to their detriment.
Jesus reached individuals as souls not criminals. he did not preach at them, he preached as one of them, he did not open their wounds and make their wounds bigger rather he gave them compassion and revealed the love of God to them.
Before we condemn the man lets put ourselves in their place. better still condemn him not. rather give his Jesus